Get to your Destination 
Quickly Safely and Conveniently
Using your smart Phone
Why let Quikpikup take you where you need to go????
1. All drivers and cars have been approved and inspected for your safety.
2. All trips are tracked by the app.
3. No need to wait by the side of the road and expose yourself to all kinds of weather and crime.
4. No need to take a gamble with who is sitting in a taxi with you.
5. Show up to your event in style.
6. Know who your driver is in advance and be able to track your driver's progress in getting to you.
7. You will be able to call or Text your Driver.
8. All trips are cashless and no money should be transferred between
driver and passenger.
9. All trips are rated by both passengers and drivers.
10. Great incentives would be given out to passengers just for using the
system (such as Free Rides and Prizes).
11. No need to risk the serious penalties for drinking and driving.
12. Now your previous Designated Driver can party and have some drinks too.
13. Use your app to request rides for other loved ones when you can’t get to them.
14. Because you deserve a more courteous and efficienttransportation
Move in 4 Easy Steps
Step 1   Go to a Secure Site: 
               QuickPickUp.com, Apple Store or Android Play Store
Step 2   Download the QuickpickUpApp (QPU); 
               Click on the App. Download and Install
Step 3   Open App and Sign Up
                Fill out:  
                Name, E-Mail, Address, Credit Card info
Step 4    Press the Request A Ride button to get
                Receive a receipt at the end of the ride
The App is in Testing Phase and will be available soon.
Upon Launch, you will be notified via Facebook and E-mail.
Register with us using the form at the bottom of the Home Page
or send us an E-Mail with your Name and Phone Number
to add to our secure database.