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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order ride for someone else?
Yes. Simply enter the current location of the person needing a ride and make the request. You will be the person paying for the ride and you can track that person's trip.

Can I contact my driver?
Yes. Once the trip is initiated, the passenger would have the ability to connect with the driver by a calling or text. Just go to the contact driver button and choose your method.

Can I tip my driver?
Yes. We have a feature on the app that allows you to leave a tip for your driver to keep the system cashless and maintain the safety of both driver and passenger.

Do I get a receipt for my trips?
Yes. A receipt is emailed to the passenger after every trip.

How do I know when my driver has arrived?
Passengers are able to follow the progress of their driver on the app and a notification is also sent letting passenger know that their driver has arrived.

I requested a ride but now I don't need it anymore. Can I cancel and would I be charged?
Yes. Simply cancel the ride on the app. If you cancelled in less that five minutes of requesting the ride, their will be now charge. After 5 minutes, a nominal fee of $10 will be charged to cover the driver's gas and inconvenience.

Can I request a particular driver?
No. The system is designed for requests to go to the closest driver who is online. This ensures that your driver gets to you in the shortest possible time.

Can I rate my driver?
Yes. At the end of each trip, both passenger and driver are able to rate each other. This helps everyone to be at their very best.
I have a party of 5-7. Can we still order a ride?
Yes. Change the level of service you are requesting by touching the XL button. A minivan or SUV that can hold between 5 and 7 passengers will come to you.

I have more than 7 passengers. What should we do?
Simply order multiple drivers. Get more friends to request rides. E.g. Passengers ordering 2 regular Quikpikup vehicles.
10 passengers= order 1 XL and 1 regular Quikpikup. Etc.

I am going to a very special occasion, or I am taking someone very special out, and I want to ensure that I get a high end vehicle for my trip.
No problem. Simply touch the LUX button on the app and request a ride. A vehicle such as a Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes, BMW, etc. will arrive to pick you up.

Is there a minimum charge for rides?
Yes. If you order a ride and it is very short and would have come up to less than $10, the app will round up the cost to be $10. This is to make sure drivers are properly compensated for their gas and time.

Can I be a passenger and driver?
Yes. We want all our drivers to use the system as a passenger too and be safe when going out. Using the system as a passenger will also give you a better understanding of the app and help you to deliver an even better experience to the passengers.
We also want passengers who want to earn extra income to sign up to drive too. Just follow instructions on the app to get started.

How long does it take to get approved as a driver?
The driver approval process is quick and easy. Once you submit all the required documents, your will be pre approved within a week. You may then have to appear in person to have your documents verified.

Do I pay extra for other people in my party?
No. When you order a trip, you have sole use of the vehicle. You do not have to pay extra for additional passengers. So let Quikpikup collect all the people in your party so you can ride in the same vehicle and no one has to worry about driving.

When the trip has ended, do I have to do anything?
Not really. All you do, when it is convenient to you, is rate your driver and add a tip if you feel the service deserved it. This is done through the app.

Can I smoke during my trip?

Can I ask my driver to make multiple stops along the way to my destination?
Yes. For Example, to pick up other members of your party; to buy something; to use ATM; to use a bathroom etc.

Can I share my number with my driver and vice versa?
No. We want to maintain some level of anonymity to ensure the safety of everyone using the system to minimize any negative incidents.